Why YOU matter for your business.

Updated: Jan 30

When you think about factors for success lots of things come to mind. Timing, luck, marketing, strategy and finances to name a few. But the key to success is PEOPLE and more importantly, personal development.

Most people aren't self aware and never will be, because they don't think about it or because it's too difficult. But being self aware is one of the most important aspects of being a business owner.

Are you aware of your values? How they come across? Are they values that your audience will identify with? Do you instil these values in your business?

This is all part and parcel of having a strong brand. But personal development is about your beliefs and values, how you portray yourself and how you ensure your staff carry these beliefs and values throughout the business.

Think about a time when you have received excellent customer service from a business and then think about a time when you have received poor customer service. What was the difference between your experience?

You will achieve more if humility and kindness are at the core of your business.


Write down your personal values and your company values.

Do they align? If not, why not?

Create a plan to ensure your values are clear throughout every aspect of your business.


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