Why having a strong brand message is so important

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Do you feel stumped when people ask you what you do? I know I have done in the past. I would over complicate it and end up coming across as not being confident in my own brand. I bet you've all heard of an elevator pitch? Can you tell your brand's story and convey your message in less than 30 seconds? Who you are, what you do and how it helps people. That's your elevator pitch.

For example, My brand is Women's Society, I run empowering networking events and workshops for women in business who want to learn and grow their business.

My brand message is simple, it's clear what I do and it leaves room for more questions if the person i'm pitching to is interested. It tells you that my audience is women in business who want to feel empowered and how I do that.

Value's, Vision and Voice.

Still struggling? Consider the 3 V's. What are your brand values? What is your vision for the business? And how will your voice help to solve a problem?

Your business is organic children's wear, your values are to minimise fast fashion and raise awareness of sustainable clothing while offering trendy and unique pieces. Your vision is to make organic clothing available for everyone and you are using your voice to educate consumers on the benefits of sustainable fashion.

The key is to become an expert in your industry while also being relatable to your target audience. Being confident in your brand message means everything else will fall in line and become clear for you as a brand owner and more importantly your customers.

Try writing your elevator pitch using the pointers above and let me know how you get on in the comments or by emailing gaby@we-are-girls.co.uk

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