Tilly Hobbs & Co - Member Spotlight

Updated: Feb 12

Member Spotlight is a section dedicated to Women's Society's fabulous members. We want to showcase your business and everything you are up to. This week is all about Tilly Hobbs & Co

Name - Hannah

Business Name - Tilly Hobbs & Co

Instagram - @tillyhobbsandco

Facebook Page - Tilly Hobbs & Co

What do you do?

I run Tilly Hobbs & Co - my little side hustle selling Manchester themed baby muslin cloths as well as creating a little community of parents on Insta!

Top tip for someone who wants to start a business

I mean, I'm still guessing and I think that's a good tip - keep learning and trying different suppliers, different ways of advertising and reaching your audience.

Your must have app for business?

Where would I be without Insta? Sharing my daily toddler/mom jeans/uber driver related struggles, our products and chatting with all the lovely people I've met on the gram gets me through!

The best thing about being self employed?

I'm sadly not (Yet!) I work four days in Manchester as a Marketing Exec and Tilly Hobbs & Co is currently my little passion project. I love seeing people with our products, its madness that a little idea I had on maternity leave is now a brand, that people know and recognise, bizarre! I've got to meet so many amazing people and have pushed myself to do things I never would've done before.

The hardest thing about being self employed?

I would say, the hardest thing about juggling everything is just not being able to chill! I'm constantly thinking of content, whilst staying on top of work projects, making sure my little girl is still my mate, and forever planning my next bottomless brunch outing! I'm trying to make a conscious effort to just turn everything OFF and just collapse every once in a while.

How do you stay motivated?

I love Tilly Hobbs & Co, I love chatting with people who are on my wavelength, who are mad about supporting girls, both the ones we know and the ones we're raising, who haven't lost themselves since having their babies but are pushed forward, spurred on by the little people watching them. Don't get me started, I could go on for days but I'm so thankful to everyone who's supported us from day one!

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