8 Ways To Refocus On Your Business

Updated: Mar 23

We've probably all experienced periods of immense productivity and awesomeness! When everything just seems to fall into place and we achieve our goals without much effort! But on the flip side, I bet we've all had those major slumps when nothing seems to be going our way and we are just so overwhelmed with our day-to-day tasks. Ughh, it's these frustrating periods that can really get us down. It's times like these that you need to refocus.. Here's some tips on how you can do that!

Look at the big picture

If you've done a vision board or list of big goals, great!! Now's your time to revisit this. If not, don't worry, now is your time to get this done!

Looking at your vision board is a great way to re ignite your passion for your business and your goals. It's also super fun to tick some things off that you might have achieved.

What's next?

Write a list of what the next steps are to achieve your goal, it could be laying foundations, creating brand awareness, launching, growing, etc. Get your top priorities written down. Ask yourself: "What is most important for me this year? What excites me?"

Get rid of what's not important right now

This is where you cut out all the stuff out that distracts you, drains you or just doesn't make you happy. It could be as simple as deleting Candy Crush from your phone (guilty)! Ask yourself: "What is wasting my time?"

If you want to focus on what moves the needle in your business, you have to be consciously aware of what steals your time and energy.

Clean up your workspace

Create an area of complete zen and inspiration where you work. Simple as that, you will feel instantly better and more focused.

The necessities

Write a list of everything that needs to happen in the day-to-day runnings of your business in order for it to just keep going. The stuff that doesn't excite you, but it needs doing. You could even create a checklist to hold yourself accountable.

The fun stuff

Break down your priorities and write out the actions and tasks that are going to get you where you want to be. This stuff should get your juices flowing, it's not the boring day-to-day stuff, it might push you out of your comfort zone or just plain scare you sh*tless. But it's going to be worth doing!

Get organised

I love Asana for keeping my to do lists organised. Before I used Asana, I would have constant to-do lists on the go in notepads and never look at them again. It's a great tool for categorising your to-do lists and keeping yourself accountable.

Put on your positive pants

Most negative emotions are completely useless and 100% not welcome in out lives! They distract you and rob you of focus. The best way to replace your negative thoughts is to start taking action and replace them with super positive, awesome thoughts! Remember, action combats negativity!

Taking the time to refocus is really important if you want to accomplish anything in your life. Yay for you for taking your time to read this!! Let's get focused gals!

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