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Real and raw conversations with women in business. Gaby Marsden, founder of Good Business is following the journeys of five female founders and freelancers from around the world to share their highs and lows as they scale their businesses.

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My name is Stacey and I am the founder of Planthaya- Wellness you can trust.

I’ve always been an Entrepreneur at heart , working for myself has always been my life goal I’ve just never found something I could run with, really put my heart into and as a single Mum something that works for our family, that was until Planthaya. Planthaya is my passion, our products are made from my heart. I wanted to make sure we were making CBD easy to choose and simple to use, offering great tasting products without compromising on quality or content.

Even though Planthaya is my greatest achievement it has not come without its stresses, roadblocks and a million curve balls. I've become a master at pivoting, and there is nothing that can stand in my way of building my empire.


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I’m Roxanne, a 24 year old illustrator from Manchester. I left my part time job in November so I could concentrate on finishing my degree in Contemporary Art. Around that time my Instagram account started getting a bit of traction. I was making content and selling the odd print or commission whilst at uni.


Then in February it took off and I was juggling running a business and finishing my degree, I graduated with a first class honours in July and now after countless months of minimal sleep, I’m a 24 year old girl boss who runs 2 businesses, an online store where I sell prints, accessories and my artwork and a design business where I help businesses with their branding and design needs!

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I'm Renata, the CEO and founder of the healthy food blog, I am passionate about helping people forget the stereotypes that healthy food is boring and bland... and discover how delicious healthy food should be! I shares quick and healthy recipes that the whole family will love, through my blog and YouTube channel.


I am also a certified Nutrition Coach where I guide clients to nourish their bodies in a holistic way, with a focus on quick and easy meal plans that are sustainable for their lifestyles and for their lifetime. 


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I fell into running Hannah Is Social after realising my passion for social media could be more than just solid geekiness and could potentially turn into a career! I see a bad Instagram grid, a business Facebook page full of tumbleweed posts and just immediately envision the tweaks, the content, the interaction that could turn them successful, empowering the business owner I works with to reach the audience they deserve on social.


The dream with Hannah Is Social would be to make it full time! To have enough consistent clients, ideally outweighed by workshops as these are what I enjoy delivering most. One of my goals is to become attached to a professional hair and beauty academy, providing units on how to make the most of social media in the industry - this would provide a great network and regular work. 

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I am a very creative gal. Having trained my whole life in music, I dropped out of university and moved to Berlin on my own aged 19, to write and sing songs. I played in bars, busked on the streets of Berlin, supported artists such as James Gillespie and New Familiar on their tours across Germany, and organised and played over 80 living room concerts across Germany, Switzerland and the UK with my good friend and fellow musician, Brea Robertson.

After suffering a huge burn out at the start of 2020, I took a step back from music and after taking some months to fully rest, recharge and reflect, I started a business selling handmade crystal jewellery on Etsy. With a huge passion for crystals and their energies, combined with my handmade detail-oriented creativity, the Poppy Rose Creates shop is growing and my pieces have been shipped all over the world, from the USA to Finland.

I am moving to Bath in October to start a new chapter and to grow my crystal business further by hosting market stalls and expanding my line of designs.

I also co-host the Art-Work podcast: conversations with creative people about the joys, challenges and mundane moments of living an artistic life. And I host monthly body-acceptance workshops on Zoom for women: an evening of gratitude, creativity, connection and celebration, inspired by my song “I Love My Body”, released in 2019.

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Hi, I'm Gaby, The Founder of Good Business & the gal behind this Podcast! I started my entrepreneurial journey 5 years ago during mat leave and since then i've dabbled in a variety of businesses, some successful, some not so much. But in May 2019 I launched Good Business, then known as Women's Society and I haven't looked back!


Good Business is my passion and my aim is to support 1000s of women in starting and scaling businesses by making online courses, tools and resources accessible to everyone.

I am an open book and I love talking about the realness of running a business and what that can actually look like. That's why I wanted to spotlight the journeys of 5 of our members, and me! In the hope it will inspire others to start their own entrepreneurial journeys or just keep going!

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