Here's what we've got coming up in the next few months for our members ⚡️

As well as a list of past workshops & events. Keep checking back here because we are always adding more!

Coming Up

Introducing Sustainability to your Business

Understand a clearer definition of sustainability; appreciate the importance and methods of setting sustainability goals and measurement; have actionable takeaways and resources for improving the sustainability of their business.

Heather-Waggle Dancers

Heather Dinwoodie

Waggle Dancers


How To Win Followers and Influence People - The Power of Influencers

The social media and influencer landscape is evolving at an incredibly fast pace. It's impossible to predict exactly what will be the next 'big thing' is, but this will help you get up to speed and be confident in your influencer and social strategy, ensuring you're fit for the future!


Georgia Boys



Gabriella Marsden

Good Business


Goal Setting


A warm welcome to 2021! In this interactive workshop. Gaby will share her method for goal setting to ensure we get the most out of 2021.

Segun Garuba-Okelarin

Rose & Clover


Small Business PR

How To Kickstart Your 2021 PR Plans

This workshop will provide a PR 101 session on how to kickstart your PR for the year ahead so you can get more visibility for your business, connect with the media and start to plan your business's 2021 media and content ideas.


How To Write Product Descriptions That Make You Profit

Katie Ramsingh

The Fashion Copywriter

This workshop will provide a detailed approach to writing product or service descriptions that convert, are SEO approved and include your tone of voice.

Katie Ramsingh-3.png


Defining Your Business Purpose, Vision, Strategy & Values

This workshop will guide you through the process of defining or clarifying your business purpose, vision, strategy and values. This will help give you focus and drive to move forwards with your business.

Danielle Heward

DH Professional Solutions

& Brenda Etchells

Carduus Ltd.



Past Events & Workshops

All our past events and workshops are stored within the member portal for our members to access whenever they want. Here's a small selection of our most recent workshops.

How To Write Creative Copy For Your Website,

Fiona Thomas

Feel inspired to write your own website copy in a way that suits your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd and attract your dream audience.

TikTok Masterclass,

Jasveena Sahota

Learn the secret sauce to blowing your business up on TikTok, no dancing necessary!

Aggie Meroni.jpg

Facebook Ads Workshop,

Aggie Meroni

A two part workshop covering the basics of Facebook Ads and how to make the most of using them.

Confident Sales Conversations,

Lucy Green

Lucy Green shares her methods for having confident sales conversations and how to get leads and turn them into paying customers.

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