A community of over 100 female founders from all over the world, learning and growing together.

Who We Are

Good Business is a growing community of female founders, freelancers & women with a business idea they want to bring to life. We provide expert lead workshops for women who are fed up of Googling how to run their business, as well as a huge library of resources, a supportive community, accountability calls and co-working opportunities all available from the comfort of your home office.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to support women in business at every part of their journey, from the mindset of running a business to the practical and strategic side. Providing you with the skills and knowledge, widening your network and supporting you through the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. 

What You'll Get
Resource Vault

Workshops, tutorials, workbooks and more.. We've covered everything you need to know about running a business.

Monthly Masterclasses

Expert led masterclasses on carefully chosen business topics every single month.

Quarterly Goal Setting

Quarterly goal setting workshops to support you with your goals and the tasks and actions you need to get there.

Co-Working Club

Weekly online co-working club for women who want to work for themselves, not by themselves.


Regular networking events to help you find your tribe, build connections and collaborate.


Weekly accountability calls with a small group for the ultimate business support.

Gaby Good Business.png

Hi, I'm Gaby.

There are 3 pivotal moments in my life that led me to founding Good Business.

1. I left my job in retail to start a handmade children's wear biz after having my son in 2014.

2. I realised I had no idea how to run a business, so I took up a business degree in 2015. Alongside lots of other courses and books.. I figured it out.

3. I quit my children's wear business in 2019 after concluding that it didn't make my heart sing anymore.

"I realised my real passion was helping women start and scale awesome businesses"

What started as local networking events in April 2019 quickly grew into an online community with worldwide members.

My dream is to grow the community and support more women to achieve their dreams. And eventually open up a chain of affordable co working spaces for female start ups. Watch this space!